Flower Colour Secrets

Why not choose your Wedding flowers by using this Flower Colour Secrets chart? Work out what different colours symbolise and which ones are your favourite?


Red is the colour of passion, desire and love. Using this colour will immediately draw everybody's attention. It is the colour of strength and determination


Orange is associated with fun and flamboyancy and radiates warmth and energy. Orange is often considered an enthusiastic colour signifying happiness and success


Yellow shines with optimism and enlightenment. Shades of golden yellow carry a message of a positive future, honor and loyalty within the relationship


Green is the colour of nature, fertility and life. Green symbolises self-respect, well-being and a balance of harmony. Green compliments every other colour and works well with most venues and settings.


Blue is a very popular colour. It is seen as the colour of trust, sincerity, commitment and wisdom. It is a confident colour that represents the sky and ocean


Purple exudes power, ambition and dignity. This colour is connected with magic and mystery or royalty. Purple is favoured by creative and eccentric types  


Pink is youthful, joyful and exciting. Vibrant pinks glow with high energy and also exude passion and desire like red. Pink is the colour of romance and glamour


White projects purity, cleanliness and innocence. White indicates a fresh start and successful beginning. White commands perfection and simplicity  


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